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If you’re planning a stay in central London the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about where to park or whether your vehicle will be safe. 

Whether the venue you’re visiting has parking or not there is no need to worry with our valet parking service.

Our London City Venues Parking Service is the preferred choice for many visitors to London

We offer a professional, safe, secure valet London City Venues Parking service for all major venues in London city.

You simply book online and we then meet you when you arrive at the designated area for your venue.

We will take your vehicle away and store it in a secure, undercover garage, where it will remain until we bring it back to you.

London City Venues Parking – Safe, Easy and Competitively Priced

It really couldn’t be simpler. Our service also offers the most peace of mind with regards to the safety of your vehicle whilst it is parked in the city.

Our normal operating hours are 6am to 12 midnight, 7 days a week.  (Can be extended by prior arrangement and costs agreed.)  Our out of hours call out charge is £35.

Pre-booking and pre-payment is strongly advisable to avoid disappointment.

We are a third party company who provide valet parking services to which the venues listed accept no liability.

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10 Reasons why you should choose Car Spa Logistics for Valet Parking Services London

Find out why people use our Valet Parking Services London time after time

1. High quality recommended service

2. Removes the irritation of parking your vehicle, allowing you to go directly to your venue

3. You are met by a chauffer who will take your car to a secure parking facility – peace of mind

4. Your vehicle will be returned to you at a pre-arranged, convenient time

5. It can save you more than 30 minutes each way, making it a more efficient method of travel

6. Ideal for those travelling with small children, women travelling alone, the disabled and the elderly

7. No waiting on cold and crowded public transport

8. Allows you to go directly to your venue, reducing overall queuing time

9. Recipients’ of the Park Mark Safer Parking Award and British Parking Association

10. No stress, no hassle

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